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…pray for one another   James 5:16 

A Prayer for Unity and Understanding

January 7, 2021

God of justice, God of reconciliation, 

In light of the events of January 6th, we come to you in humility and with hope.

We pray for our nation.

We pray for justice in this land and safety for all people.

We pray for healing for all those injured bodily, emotionally and spiritually.

Hear us as we also pray for reconciliation and peace. 

In a nation so divided, we ask that our leaders would find ways to move forward in their tasks to restore wholeness to our government

and to learn from the horrific lessons of this last week.

We ask that we, as your baptized people, would not only look upon these events with distaste,

but that we would aslo act in our roles citizens to work for the more perfect union,

the ideal on which this nation was founded. 

The future is in your hands, O God. 

We place our trust and our hope in you.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Special Prayers

Our Heartfelt prayers for strength, comfort, healing and peace in this time of grief. 

Loving God, wrap your arms of love and hope around all who are experiencing any kind of loss, disconnection, or brokenness.

  • To Irene Parker & family on the passing of Jim on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

  • To Linda Millo & family on the passing of her niece Joyce on December 25, 2020

  • To Matt & Bonnie Kerschbaum & family on the passing of their daughter Robin on December 19, 2020

  • To Joeseph Pestar & family on the passing of his mother Pam in November 2020

  • To the family and friends of Paul Knowles who passed away at the age of 105 yrs old on Wednesday, November 10, 2020

We pray our Thanks:

  • Blessings on the birth of a healthy baby girl, Havyn Rain on Feb. 4, 2021 to parents Knute & Kait Fosso and grandparents Steve & Kori Fosso.

  • Blessings on the birth of a healthy baby boy, Matthew Louie on December 15, 2020 to parents Michael & Janice Sullivan and big sisters Breauna & Grace. 

  • For the baptism of Jackson and Soren, grandsons of Pastor Deb Benson, who were baptized September 27, 2020.

  • Congratulations to Sabrina Joy & Cooper Huntley who were wed August 21st, 2020 at the Saltbox Barn on Fir Island.  May God bless you on a beautiful marriage & life together!

  • For the healthy delivery of a baby boy, Bjorn Michael Larson to parents Jorgina Moore & Sean Larson and big sister Runa and grandparents Dave & Mirth Moore.

  • For answering our prayers in the healing of Larry Julius, and that he remains healthy.

  • For the healthy delivery of twin babies Jackson and Soren, to parents Ryan and Kayla Hoel, daughter and son-in-law to Lewis and Deb Benson. Jackson and Soren were born on Easter weekend.

Prayers for Healing and Strength                                                                        

  • Brooke N.

  • Donna A. (sister-in-law of Chris A.)

  • Kenneth A. (son of Chris A.)

  • Ricky & Norm B.

  • ShirLee (stepmom of David V.)

  • Dave M.

  • Grandmother of Joe P.

  • Ernie T. & Helen T. (brother & sister-in-law of Lois C.)

  • Jan V.

  • Steve

  • Ray & Joan

  • Joanne

  • Peggy

  • Martha

  • Abby

  • Bob R.

  • Ken

  • Loren

  • Jerry P.

  • Dell

  • Leah

  • Caroline

  • Matt C.

  • Jane

  • Jerry

  • Jacob F. 

Prayers for Healing and Strength during their cancer journey:                

  • Pastor Deb Benson - she shares her journey here

  • Russ R. (brother-in-law of Anita H.)

  • Toby (cousin of Melanie)

  • Sisters Becky, Cindy & Toby (cousin of Melanie S.)

  • Jenifer T.

  • Sam P.

  • Arlene F.

  • Jim T. (brother-in-law of Jeannie A.)

  • Bob F.

  • Freya (grand daughter of Boyd & Ginny)

  • Joann J. (sister in law of Vera)

  • Linda

  • Marleen B.

  • Carol

  • Wendy

  • Laura

  • Larry

  • Alyssa

  • Cami

  • Melodie

  • Marleen

  • Jeff & Elaine

  • Debi

  • Chris

  • Kerri M.  

Prayers for Safety, Courage & Wisdom for those serving our country & their families:

  • Jeremy

  • Tyler

  • Travis

  • Michael

  • Knute

  • Caitlin

  • Kevin

  • Joe

  • Katie

  • Kevin L.

  • Kevin K

  • Adam

  • Rob

  • Carl & Kristen

  • Blake

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