Bible Studies & Small Groups

Thursday Noon Zoom Bible Study

Thursday Afternoons 12:00 pm

Call or email the office for the ZOOM link.

Led by: Pastor Walt Rice

Sewing Circle - Lutheran World Relief

Tuesday Morning

(when there is no Bible Circles or WELCA Meeting)

9:00 am till 12:30 pm

In Fellowship hall

Led by: Faith Legan & Julia Rogers

Men's Tuesday Bible Study

None at this time-

Tuesday Morning

1:00 pm

In Conference room #1 

Led by: Hoagy Kerr

Ladies Wednesday Bible Study

None at this time-

Wednesday Morning

9:30 pm

In Conference room #3

Led by: Kendra Kennedy

Men's Thursday Bible Study

None at this time-

Thursday Morning

7:00 am

In Conference room #1

Led by: Boyd Veer

Women's Bible Study Circles

None at this time-

WELCA (Women of the ELCA) has three circles that gather

for Bible study, fellowship, prayer and service.

2nd Tuesday of month

Hannah Circle - 10:00 am 

In conference room #3

Ruth Circle -10:00 am

Location in monthly newsletter

Anna Circle - 6:30 pm

In Conference room #1

Knitting Group - Lutheran World Relief

On hold until March-

Third Monday on the month

1:00 pm

In Conference room #1

Led by: Linda Anderson

Prime Timers - Adult Senior Ministry

No events are scheduled at this time-

Reoccurring monthly events such as Brunch at church, Lunches out, Day trips to various place around Skagit county and more.


Led by: Julie & Paul Dusenbury

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