Bible Studies & Small Groups

Thursday Noon Zoom Bible Study

Thursday Afternoons


Call or email the office for the ZOOM link.

Led by: Pastor Walt Rice

Prime Timers - Adult Senior Ministry

ZOOM "Together" Meetings

2nd Wednesday of month


Call the church office or Julie for the Zoom link.

(As always, if you are hungry- feel free to partake in your lunch)

When the time is right and safe for everyone we will begin monthly events such as Brunch at church, Lunches out, Day trips to various

place around Skagit county and more.

Led by: Julie & Paul Dusenbury

Sewing Circle - Lutheran World Relief

Tuesday Morning

(when there is no Bible Circles or WELCA Meeting)

9:00 am till 12:00 pm

In Fellowship hall

We pack quilts, personal care kits & baby kits for Lutheran world relief.

Anyone that likes to sew, work on quilts & doing other jobs are more than welcome to join us. 

Led by: Faith Legan & Julia Rogers

Knitting Group - Lutheran World Relief

3rd Monday of the month

Monday, May 17th

in Fellowship hall

1:00 pm

If you are in need of some yarn contact Linda,

and please keep track of your sweater/hat counts.

Led by: Linda Anderson

Women's Bible Study Circles

None at this time-

WELCA (Women of the ELCA) has three circles that gather

for Bible study, fellowship, prayer and service.

2nd Tuesday of month

Hannah Circle - 10:00 am 

In conference room #3

Ruth Circle -10:00 am

Location in monthly newsletter

Anna Circle - 6:30 pm

In Conference room #1

Ladies Wednesday Bible Study

None at this time-

Wednesday Morning

9:30 pm

In Conference room #3

Led by: Kendra Kennedy

Men's Thursday Bible Study

None at this time-

Thursday Morning

7:00 am

In Conference room #1

Led by: Boyd Veer

Men's Tuesday Bible Study

None at this time-

Tuesday Morning

1:00 pm

In Conference room #1 

Led by: Hoagy Kerr