We are keeping You in our Prayers

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Let Us Join Together in Prayer

"ALC Prayer Group" 

Meet every Tuesday at 1:00 pm in the Prayer Chapel & over the phone.

 Call 1-518-351-9735 to pray with us, aloud or silently

…pray for one another.   James 5:16 

A Prayer for Unity and Understanding:

In this season of watching and waiting, let us pray for all people and places that yearn for God’s presence.

God of presence and peace, strengthen your church around the globe to proclaim the message of your love coming to the world.

Open our hearts to recognize your face in all people and in all of creation. 

God of mighty redwoods and microscopic plants, fields and city parks, the wind and the waves, be a healing balm to our wounded planet.

May we nurture what you have lovingly created.


God of equity and compassion, bring righteousness and goodness to all peoples of the earth.

Give a heart of discernment and integrity to leaders in our communities.

God of comfort and care, be present with those who watch and wait.

Come to all  who await births, deaths, divorces, new unions, new jobs, retirements, healing,

and life transitions of every kind especially as we begin this work of ministry together. 

God of promises kept and new dreams awakened, shelter your people from destructive storms.

We pray for those whose lives have been upended by natural disasters, especially those who have been affected by the floods,

for the work of Lutheran Disaster Response, Lutheran World Relief, and other relief organizations.

God of companionship and community, we give you thanks for the saints who journeyed with us and now abide in you.

Even in distress and uncertainty, make us confident that your promises endure forever.


God of new life, you come among us in the places we least expect.

Receive these prayers and those of our hearts, in the name of Jesus.


Prayers for those in need of Comfort and Healing in this time of grief:
We Pray our Thanks:
Prayers for those needing Healing and Strength:
  • Richard 

  • Jack (son of Vera J.)

  • Paul D.

  • Leone Z. (friend of Dell R.)

  • Jim C. (brother of Anne B.)

  • Pat (cousin of Melanie S.)

  • Heidi (daughter of Paul & Julie)

  • Audrey B. (sister of Linda M.)

  • Gary N.

  • Freya (granddaughter of Boyd & Ginny)

  • Tawni A. (friend of Rachel D.)

  • Jim S.

  • Faith L. 

  • Brooke N.

  • Donna A. (sister-in-law of Chris A.)

  • Kenneth A. (son of Chris A.)

  • Norm B. (friend of Serena P.)

  • ShirLee (stepmom of David V.)

  • Dave M.

  • Grandmother of Joe P.

  • Ernie T. & Helen T. (brother & sister-in-law of Lois C.)

  • Steve (son-in-law of Lenore)

  • Ray & Joan (friends of Serena)

  • Joanne B.

  • Peggy

  • Martha G.

  • Bob R.

  • Jerry P.

  • Dell R.

  • Leah D. (granddaughter of Paul & Julie)

  • Caroline S.

  • Jane F.

  • Abby P.

Prayers for Healing, Courage and Strength on their cancer treatment journey:
  • Maureen P.

  • Sid B. (friend of Donna A.)

  • Agnes H. (friend of Lois C.)

  • Larry J. (brother of Laurie)

  • Baby boy Asher (son of Heather & Josh)

  • John H.

  • Jeanette C.

  • Lisa S. (daughter of Jenny R.)

  • Heidi G. (friend of Rachel D.)

  • John D. (brother-in-law of Anita H.)

  • Sam P.

  • Arlene F.

  • Jim T. (brother-in-law of Jeannie A.)

  • Bob F.

  • Joann J. (sister-in-law of Vera)

  • Linda W.

  • Carol K.

  • Wendy R.

  • Laura M.

  • Alyssa (cousin of Jan V)

  • Nick M. (brother-in-law of Cami M.)

  • Cami T.

  • Melodie

  • Marleen (friend of Vera J.)

  • Susie T.

  • Debi S.

  • Chris (son--in-law of Vera J.)

  • Kerri M.  

Prayers for Safety of those serving our country:
  • Tanner

  • Jeremy

  • Tyler

  • Travis

  • Michael

  • Knute

  • Caitlin

  • Katie

  • Kevin L.

  • Kevin K

  • Adam

  • Rob

  • Blake

  • Carl & Kristen