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We are keeping You in our Prayers

Prayer Requests & Updates may be given to the church office

Prayers for the People:

Called together to follow Jesus, we pray for the church, the world, and all in need.

Call your people to seek your wisdom in difficult conversations and action.

Give the church everywhere courage to repent for the ways we have tolerated and practiced. 

Inspire our wonder at creation, from the light of dawn to the beauty of the dark night.

Sustain the unseen depths of the ocean to the plants and animals we know well.

Bring healing to lands and communities experiencing natural disasters.     

Instruct the powerful in your ways.

Provide upright leadership in business and industry, that workers are not oppressed.

Throughout the world, inspire voters and raise up politicians to heed your call for nations to practice righteousness. 

Loosen the bonds of injustice in our midst.

Grant peace to endless quarrels, put an end to hunger, and break every yoke of oppression.

Shelter all who flee abuse in their homes or violence in their communities. Satisfy those afflicted in any way.

Shape our congregation to be salt for the earth.

Give us delight in your commandments, that we are generous with those in need.

Make us steadfast in our trust in you, ready with tangible mercy and compassion for our neighbors. 

The cross and resurrection bring redemption from sin and death.

We praise you for all whose unshaken faith in Christ shines forth in their witness.

Keep them in our remembrance and bring us with them into the kingdom of heaven. 

We bring to you our needs and hopes, O God, trusting your wisdom and power revealed in Christ crucified.

Prayers of Comfort and Healing in times of grief:
  • To Judy Card and family on the passing of her husband Gary Card on December 31, 2022

  • To Mike Trafton and family on the passing of his father Charles Trafton.

  • To Anne Barry & family on the passing of her cousin Jimmy Vessel on Monday, December 5, 2022

We Pray our Thanks:
  • Blessings on the Baptism of Maverick James West, son of Kenneth & Erica West on December 11, 2022

Prayers for those needing Healing and Strength:
  • Mike (brother of Gunilla)

  • Jane  (sister of Julie D.)

  • Jennifer B. (sister of Dave V.)

  • Candance (friend of Bonnie K.)

  • Phil C.

  • Joe S. (grandfather of Becky E.)

  • Richard S. (friend of Noel J.)

  • Eileen S. (mother of Janey D.)

  • Adrienne E.

  • Brandon S.

  • Peggy W.

  • Dave V.

  • Friends of Stacey P.

  • Rick F. (brother of Steve F.)

  • Lorna H.

  • Jim C.

  • Chris A.

  • Colton & Laurie V. (family of Anne B.)

  • Helen & Jim V. (family of Anne B.)

  • Don Y. (friend of Serena)

  • Jerry W (father of Kori F)

  • Steve B. (brother of Vicky C & Rich B.)

  • Lenny H. (husband of Jill H.)

  • Diane C (friend of Donna A.)

  • Huckleberry (grandson of Lois C.)

  • Leone Z. (friend of Dell R.)

  • Jim C. (brother of Anne B.)

  • Gary N.

  • Freya (granddaughter of Boyd & Ginny)

  • Faith L. 

  • Kenneth A. (son of Chris A.)

  • Norm B. (friend of Serena P.)

  • ShirLee (stepmom of David V.)

  • Dave M.

  • Grandmother of Joe P.

  • Steve (son-in-law of Lenore)

  • Ray & Joan (friends of Serena)

  • Jerry P.

  • Leah D. (granddaughter of Paul & Julie)

  • Caroline S.

Prayers for Healing, Courage and Strength on their cancer treatment journey:
  • Keri G. (neice of Leone Z.)

  • Caden age 11 (friend of Sarvis family)

  • Richard K. (Brother of Matt K.)

  • Karen P. 

  • Russ (BIL of Anita H.)

  • Chet D. (uncle of Becky E)

  • Marian S. (friend of Joy W)

  • Ken B.

  • Sid B. (friend of Donna A.)

  • Agnes H. (friend of Lois C.)

  • John H.

  • Jeanette C.

  • Lisa S. (daughter of Jenny R.)

  • Heidi G. (friend of Rachel D.)

  • Sam P.

  • Bob F.

  • Joann J. (sister-in-law of Vera)

Prayers for Safety of those serving our country:
  • Tanner

  • Jeremy

  • Tyler

  • Travis

  • Michael

  • Caitlin K

  • Katie

  • Adam H

  • Rob

  • Kevin H

  • Kevin K

  • Kevin L

  • Blake T

  • Carl E

  • Kristen E

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