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We are keeping You in our Prayers

Prayer Requests & Updates may be given to the church office

Prayers for the People:

Remembering the caring and generous works of God, we pray for the church, creation, and the needs of our neighbors.

We pray for the church.

Bless the missions and ministries of diverse congregations, that they uplift the good news of salvation in ways that can be understood.


We pray for creation.

Send rain to lands experiencing drought and healing to rivers clogged with pollution.

Enrich the soil for trees and plants. Protect the crops needed to feed those who hunger.


We pray for all who govern.

Encourage those in positions of power to lead with empathy, practice forgiveness, and care for those who struggle.


We pray for our neighbors who face illness of any kind.

For those strained financially; for all living with chronic pain, mental illness, the disease of addiction, or otherwise afraid or in harm’s way.

Protect all who cry out for mercy.


We pray for this congregation.

Open our hearts to practice intentional invitation.

Help us to forgive each other, practice patience, and choose welcome over judgment.

Move us to care for those in our community seeking refuge and safety.


We give thanks for the saints who died in faith.

Show us how to live faithfully, creatively, and lovingly in your church and world.


Remember us according to your steadfast love as we offer these and the prayers of our heart,

trusting in your compassion made known through Jesus Christ.


Prayers of Comfort and Healing in times of grief:
  • To Steve Fosso and family on the passing of his brother Rick Fosso on September 1, 2023

  • To Mary Beth Pollard and family on the passing of her husband Jerry Pollard on August 2, 2023

  • To Inez Pedersen and family on the passing of her husband Egil Pedersen on August 1, 2023.  

  • To the family and friends of Don Sullivan who passed away May 5, 2023.

  • To Madelyn Case and family on the passing of Phillip Case on April 7, 2023.

  • To the family and friends of Bernice Linvog who passed away April 6, 2023.

  • To the family and friends of Adrienne Eide who passed away on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. 

  • To Steve & Kori Fosso on the passing of Steve's dad Don Fosso on February 15, 2023

  • To Judy Card and family on the passing of her husband Gary Card on December 31, 2022

  • To Mike Trafton and family on the passing of his father Charles Trafton on December 21, 2022

  • To Anne Barry & family on the passing of her cousin Jimmy Vessel on Monday, December 5, 2022

We Pray our Thanks:
  • Blessings on the Baptism of Maverick James West, son of Kenneth & Erica West on December 11, 2022

Prayers for those needing Healing and Strength:
  • Sawyer D. -3 yrs old

  • Chris A.

  • Caroline S.

  • Linda A. (sister of Grace B.)

  • Michael S.

  • Leah S (friend of Paul & Julie)

  • Gina P.

  • Marsha P. (sister of Jeanette)

  • Carol (mother of Anita H.)

  • Mike (brother of Gunilla)

  • Jane  (sister of Julie D.)

  • Jennifer B. (sister of Dave V.)

  • Candace (friend of Bonnie K.)

  • Richard S. (friend of Noel J.)

  • Brandon S.

  • Peggy W.

  • Dave V.

  • Friends of Stacey P.

  • Sharon W.

  • Lorna H.

  • Jim C.

  • Colton & Laurie V. (family of Anne B.)

  • Helen & Jim V. (family of Anne B.)

  • Jerry W (father of Kori F)

  • Steve B. (brother of Vicky C & Rich B.)

  • Lenny H. (husband of Jill H.)

  • Diane C (friend of Donna A.)

  • Jim C. (brother of Anne B.)

  • Gary N.

  • Freya (granddaughter of Boyd & Ginny)

  • Faith L. 

  • Kenneth A. (son of Chris A.)

  • ShirLee (stepmom of David V.)

  • Dave M.

  • Steve (son-in-law of Lenore)

  • Leah D. (granddaughter of Paul & Julie)

Prayers for Healing, Courage and Strength against cancer:
  • Brigitta P. (daughter of Irene P.)

  • Peter V. (family of Dave B.)

  • Rachel O. (friend of Vera J.)

  • Bill R. (BIL of Jo R)

  • June B (friend of Judy H.)

  • Keri G. (neice of Leone Z.)

  • Richard K. (brother of Matt K.)

  • Karen P. 

  • Russ (BIL of Anita H.)

  • Chet D. (uncle of Becky E)

  • Ken B.

  • Sid B. (friend of Donna A.)

  • John H.

  • Jeanette C.

  • Sam P.

  • Bob F.

Prayers for Safety of those serving our country:
  • Kevin C.

  • Jonathan N. 

  • Tanner

  • Jeremy

  • Tyler

  • Travis

  • Michael

  • Caitlin K

  • Katie

  • Adam H

  • Rob

  • Kevin H

  • Kevin K

  • Kevin L

  • Blake T

  • Carl E

  • Kristen E

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