the transition process that will help us in the selection of a new Pastor for our church.

The transition process will help us in the selection of a new Pastor for our church. 

Please fill out the questionnaire in the below button to help us know what you value most about Anacortes Lutheran Church. We appreciate your feedback!


Dear Members and Friends at ALC,


Before the coronavirus forced changes in the ways we gather and how we worship, Anacortes Lutheran Church was in the process of preparing to call a new lead pastor.  Despite the unexpected challenges we’ve all experienced, the Transition Team is busy preparing the Mission Site Profile (MSP).  This is a document which will be used to inform the bishop and synod staff of the congregation’s history, demographics and ministry styles.  It is also provided to potential pastoral candidates to let them know the nature and culture of a particular congregation. 


There are two parts to the MSP.  The first part could be called “a snapshot in time.”  It is designed to reflect where the congregation is in the moment.  The second part is to identify the type of candidate the church is seeking. 


Your Transition Team is in the first part of this process.  Since we cannot yet meet in person, it is important that everyone be provided with other means of input into the information which will be conveyed by the MSP.  The Team is asking all members to fill out the enclosed questionnaire and return it to the church office.  The same questionnaire can also be accessed on a link at the church website, and can then be filled out and submitted directly online. 


Everyone is invited and encouraged to have a say in important decisions regarding the next phase of ALC’s story.  We ask for God’s continued blessing on us all as together we engage in the joyful work of moving into God’s future.


Grace and Peace,


Transition Team:  Nancy Loftis, chair

Matt Kerschbaum

Jim Fors

Jane Nelson

Kristen Nations

Boyd Veer

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